At NanoTech Gaming, we are bucking the inside-the-box thinking of other gaming manufacturers. We offer products for a new class of gambler that is intelligent and informed and is seeking life changing winnings through more than a slim-to-none chance with a house edge the size of a state lottery system.

Our games disclose the payback percentage to the player and the payback percentage generally goes up with the bet amount. While other manufacturers misrepresent to players saying they are playing a "penny slot" and fail to disclose the true cost of playing the game, our information is all up front and center for the player who wants the best possible gamble for their money, as well as professional players who need no introduction for how to quit the 9-to-5 and tell the IRS they are pro and happily report their earnings each year because they are actually winning more than they could make at a full-time job.

Established thinking has been running the show for far too long, and as gambling revenue has been falling behind, it's not without reason! Flatline or declining gambling revenue is a symptom of a gaming industry that has fallen asleep at the wheel.

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